Record ID Release Date Title Vocals Listen
B-10020-A 1938 "After Looking at You" Cliff Grass
B-10020-B 1938 "I Kissed You in a Dream Last Night" Cliff Grass
B-10142-A 1939 "It's All So New To Me" Cliff Grass
B-10142-B 1939 "The Moon Is A Silver Dollar" Cliff Grass
B-10783-A 1940 "I Am An American" Meredith Blake, Art Perry, and chorus
B-10783-B 1940 "Gentlemen Of The Jury" Meredith Blake, Art Perry, and chorus
B-10788-A 1940 "Can't Get Indiana Off My Mind" Meredith Blake
B-10788-B 1940 "Never Took A Lesson In My Life" Meredith Blake
B-10873-A 1940 "Dancing On A Dime" Art Perry
B-10873-B 1940 "I Hear Music" Meredith Blake
B-10897-A 1940 "Autumn On The Campus" Art Perry
B-10897-B 1940 "Cuttin' The Class" orchestra members
B-10917-A 1940 "Dream Valley" Art Perry
B-10917-B 1940 "The Lady With Red Hair" Chet Bruce
B-10925-A 1940 "Oh! They're Making Me All Over In The Army" Art Perry and Gordon Goons
B-10925-B 1940 "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen" Art Perry
B-10942-A 1940 "The Yankee Doodle Polka" Meredith Blake
B-10942-B 1940 "The Kerry Dance" Art Perry
B-10988-A 1940 "Keep An Eye On Your Heart" Chet Bruce
B-10988-B 1940 "San Antonio Rose" Art Perry
B-11077-A 1941 "You Waited Too Long" Meredith Blake
B-11077-B 1941 "Granada" Art Perry
26284-A 1939 "The Last Trip On The Old Ship" Cliff Grass
26284-B 1939 "That's Right, I'm Wrong" Betty Bradley